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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is, above all, a small town for the wealthy. Less than six square miles in size, Beverly Hills is a place for the fortunate to live in comfort and to shop and dine at their leisure. Beverly Hills is, undeniably, an extremely handsome neighborhood. Its commercial streets are immaculate and filled with exclusive boutiques and sophisticated shoppers. Its Civic Center is a gorgeous, mission-style landmark. Many of the film industry's upper echelon offices are located there as well.  Its residential thoroughfares are lined with multi-million dollar mansions, towering trees, and miles of manicured green lawns. While the homes south of Sunset Boulevard are handsome, the homes South of Wilshire more modest, most of the city's truly spectacular mansions are located north of Sunset. If you ever wondered where to find some of the most expensive real estate in Southern California, look no further.

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